Camino Del Rey

by Rebuke

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released September 19, 2012




Rebuke Sweden

Hailing form Gothenburg, Sweden, Rebuke have been playing together since 2003, building up a strong European following thanks to their unshakeable work ethic; self-releasing their songs and touring non-stop. Singing about a mix of political or personal issues, Rebuke keep their lyrical subject matter smart enough to get you thinking, and catchy enough to sing along to! ... more

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Track Name: Parodyx
I'm waiting for that day of change, when all that remain are these unassembled pieces. And when that final day comes 'round, you'll be fucked to find any truth god or Jesus. They say the devil comes in different forms, each one more alluring than the other - but if divinity's contingent on denial of self then why the fuck even bother? And under guise of innocence, belligerence, grit its teeth and herd the cattle. I've heard your god works in mysterious ways, but that just seems like a convenient excuse to rationalize theological inconsistencies rather than addressing the issues of ornamental faith, of hollow praise, of false promises of karmic rewards, of delusive claims of amity - they draw the pen to draw the sword.
Track Name: Without a Shred of Dignity
I'm being sick in this bathroom stall. Can't help but feel like this exchange is reciprocal. Got this affliction, and this affliction has got me - what better reason to be gagging, crying on my knees? And now you're here and you're pulling back my hair - such a sweet way to show that you care. Time and space are bending and I am losing focus now. Try to walk over to the bar but I'm forgetting how. Retracing all the things I've been chasing. So I'm spilling my guts on the floor by the edge of the throne. It still feels like enough just to know that I'm never alone. Less of a struggle and more of a conference call, let's make it three-part with you in the next bathroom stall.
Track Name: Altruisten
Tillåt mig att förklara så tydligt som möjligt (ibland måste man förklara så jävla tydligt att det nästan blir löjligt) att tillsammans vi faller, som dominobrickor - det är stört omöjligt att stjäla ur tomma fickor. Och jag har sett dig vända bort din blick. Jag har sett dig ignorera dom som inget fick. Trots att man bett dig sträcka ut din hand så att tillsammans vi kan hjälpa dom som hjälpas kan. Ska det vara så jävla svårt att inte hålla så förbannat hårt på "det där är deras och det här är vårt"? Och jag har hört dig prata bort din skuld, som att det vore fel att leva för nån annans skull. Ett rosslande andetag från kollapsande lungor - en metaforisk verbal tennismatch mellan svärtade tungor. Jag undrar hur du lever med din lögn. Funderar hur dom fula orden vaggar dig till sömns. För jag har sett dig vända bort din blick och jag har sett dig ignorera dom som inget fick.
Track Name: Fear of Falling
Not every kid can grow up to be an astronaut (this world is cruel and unfair) - so you have a dream, but it's a harsh awakening not to get what you don't deserve. Are you one in a million or one among? You awoke with the feeling that something's gone horribly wrong. Just sit backand savor the departing glare, and raise a glass in despair. Three cheers for establishment and a moment of silence for the discontent. It's all comparative - so you're unhappy with the life you live? Stuck on the brighter side, facing the discomforts of a frictionless life. Sorry but this self-pity is so unbecoming. This is a day to rejoice. With the flip of a switch the engines ignite the
resentful and unmistakeable malice in your eyes - reflecting the fire that burns through the sky - a display orchestrated solely to ridicule your lie. Your bloated sense of entitlement distorting reality, disparity enforcing your bloated sense of entitlement.