Time Travels

by Rebuke

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Demo recorded for our European tour in 2016


released July 21, 2016




Rebuke Sweden

Hailing form Gothenburg, Sweden, Rebuke have been playing together since 2003, building up a strong European following thanks to their unshakeable work ethic; self-releasing their songs and touring non-stop. Singing about a mix of political or personal issues, Rebuke keep their lyrical subject matter smart enough to get you thinking, and catchy enough to sing along to! ... more

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Track Name: Welcome Caecity
receptor dead
host body adjusting to the loss of sense
come on, it's common to adjust in one's defense
and why would the blind be searching for the light?

see no evil
there's nothing to be unseen
or believed

the view is awful from inside
where obtrusive images reside
in the darkest corners of the mind
devoid of clear sight

depraved embrace
ratification of the truth displaced
they keep a saturated ear to a voice raised
so how could a lie be leading them astray?

sometimes it hurts, to be sincere,
your case to validate the fear
there be no invisible monsters here
the kind you hold so fucking dear
Track Name: History, the Sequel
thumbing the pages of history
i guess doesnt feel too absurd
when impervious to the gravity
of the repetitious words

incendiary ignorance
of documented consequence

burning the pages of history
Track Name: The First Time Traveller
it's not my first time
being disappointed
it's not my first time
being let down
and this vacation
is fucking stupid
but that realization
won't save me now

as the thread i've unraveled won't lead me back home
i've had to learn how the unknown can make you feel so alone

i came from where we'll have it all
returned in time to watch it fall

for every benevolent step you have yet to take
i raised the tiniest flag, inhaled whisper "it's a mistake"
i watch you stray our days away
it's not okay, it'll never be okay

i came from where we'll have it all
returned in time to help birth the fall
sit on my hands, they're drenched in blood
i know i could, i know i should
but after all we're just killing time
i'm killing yours, and you're killing mine
Track Name: Sarah Fisher (No Use for a Name)
"Hello this is Sara Fisher
Please hold on the line"
There are so many things I'd like to say
But your busy all the time

She gives us t-shirts, sends us posters
Seals them with a smile
And you'll know she'll be there from 10 to 5

"Hello this is Sarah Fisher"