by Rebuke

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(free) 02:08


released April 5, 2010




Rebuke Sweden

Hailing form Gothenburg, Sweden, Rebuke have been playing together since 2003, building up a strong European following thanks to their unshakeable work ethic; self-releasing their songs and touring non-stop. Singing about a mix of political or personal issues, Rebuke keep their lyrical subject matter smart enough to get you thinking, and catchy enough to sing along to! ... more

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Track Name: Bartenders & Tarbenders
i saturate my blood with nicotine
responding to the message on the screen
trying not to think about the fun i'm not having

replace my blood with gasoline
turn my body into a machine
and it doesn't make me happier not thinking about it

time to immerse myself (a baptism by firewater)
an invitation to that homely cell

repeating comfortable mistakes (does anyone ever get smarter?)
the challenge is to find new bars to shake (not break)

top off my glass and lead me to square one (where i begun)
the problem always was i never knew when i was done
Track Name: History Doesn't Repeat Itself... We Repeat History
have we not evolved
beyond the need for waging war?
is anything worth killing for?
aren't we more similar at heart
(than what sets us apart?)

must it come to this -
a loaded gun, a tightened fist?
observe the irony that is;
we have to fight to coexist

i am here to spread the good word!
i know this is something that you haven't heard before

i spread ignorance and war
i feed poison to the poor

there must be some more civil strategy
to handle all of this animosity
Track Name: Wings
time after time
i rewrite these words of mine

trying to instill some meaning into dead consonants and vowels
to aptly convey emotions but i never quite grasped how

to articulate - communicate

beauty's in the mind of the perciever
and in making sceptics of believers
resilience and honest aspiration
augmenting and nurturing creation

my mind is wide open, i'm eager to learn
(about at which temperature a heart starts to burn)
about the physics of ignition through song
(and the specifics of combusting along)

let's finally put down something worthwhile
and let these letters spread like wildfire
Track Name: Wings II: The Bastard Idioms
i'll persistantly sing
until these words grow wings
through the hunger and thirst
put my fate into verse

i will craft them with care
let their feathers catch air
as they majestically soar
over mountains and more

those waxed feathers take sun
and detach one by one
and the scream as they fall
is the most urgent of all
Track Name: Affection, Abandon, Afflicition
that empty seat, that vacant chair
makes me doubt anyone will ever care
as much as me, as much as us
about this proverbial rusting bus

an elegy to all that we
half-wittedly and whole-heartedly
have tried to recover from atrophy
(but we all know how tasteless people can be)

(childhood heroes)
we've raised our glasses to these songs
(fallen idols)
with cracking voices sung along
(timeless anthem)
we'll still revere it when it's gone
(turning in it's grave)
i hope i'll be there one day

though we can't bring back what was before
there's always hope for something more
to storm the castle, kick down the door

the level of success
is not measured in paychecks
not quantified by press

that empty seat, that vacant chair
made me doubt anyone would ever care
as much as us, and some of you
about this beautiful music that we listen to

and though we're few and far between
we sing these songs and share these dreams
(and that will always stay perfectly clear to me)
Track Name: Gonzales
it's like someone balled up their fist and shove it down my throat
pulled out my heart and squeezed it dry of human faith and hope
and that's just me, i'm on the outside observing
crimes perpetrated against the underserving

i can't even begin to understand your fucking pain
corrosive venom seeping down through these hierarchies of blame
a pious system protecting the culprit
what kind of god would endorse this bullshit?

so now i'm waiting for them to fail
and they will fail me in that as well
if this is what it means to be saved
i would much rather go to hell

i can't shake the feeling it's stupid believing
something so corrupted and deceiving

if you're really working for a better day
how come so many people fall in your way?

and now you're waiting for them to fail
but they will fail me in that as well
now it's too late for you to be saved
because you've already been to hell
Track Name: Death-defining Stunts
let's dive in head first and see how many bones we break
abandon caution, find out how much this body can take
a stupidly dangerous pastime

i give it ten years before i run my head through a wall
that is, assuming i make it past thirty at all
and that's a generous assumption

ask me tomorrow if i think that last night paid off
and i'll reply with a self-deprecating scoff and a cough
and then i'll light another cigarrette

that's something you have yet to understand
it's practices like this that
turn a boy into a man

a lesson that we're learning to forget
i reek of sweat and cigarrettes
no memories and no regrets
Track Name: Take to the Seas
we've depleted our resources
enslaved all the cows and horses
completely and utterly dilapidated our fragile ecology
so we take to the seas

i'm so glad we have options
so we don't have to change

we will convince ourselves it's
better flee than fight
we'll reassure each other
we've done what's right

we leave our homes behind
in hopes to find new life

this disapproving sky
it won't matter after tonight

i am man i killed my mother
her failing health was such a bother
don't blame me that she couldn't persist

to the sound of fishes crying
into the deep blue sea we're diving
we've emptied the surface, now it's time for the rest
Track Name: Snow Day
a broadcast on the radio; a prognosis promising snow
five months below the zero mark; what a fantastic way to start

i'm stuck in repeating

a ritual to perpetuate this status quo i know i hate
it's not easy being your own enemy
counteracting each progressive strategy

i'm snowed in and frozen
Track Name: (It's Not) Rocket Surgery
socialize the losses - privatize the gains
why reach a common understanding this fucking inhumane?
a system built on its collapse

designed by suited assholes in hot air balloons
let's pray their bloated egotism elevates them to the moon
and then the fucking wires snap

it's not the most far-fetched conclusion
there is a real universal solution
to level out the playing field
"from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs"

ever wondered why you bought into the smear campaign?
the imaginary ghost of an impending fascist reign
who stands to gain from things staying the same?

disregarding pride
and character homicide
wouldn't you think it'd be nice
if we could stand side by side
looking out for each others rights

working together for the benefit of all
seems more productive than letting your fellow man fall

in the words of someone more eloquent than me
kick and wine and scream until everyone has everything they need!
Track Name: His Brittle Faith
his brittle faith instilling hope in his broken bones
his sentient mind and candid soul; the lesions he has shown

his hand is reached out, catching snow just to feel the cold
his land was emptied by design just to feel alone

he won't take her hand
he knows he can't
he won't let himself be wanted or be in demand

he has shed his skin
he dies within
he won't let himself be vulnerable or broken

he's his own
he's alone

his jagged trust conducts his way through passages of chance
his self-reliant masquerade; his consort in the dance

his eyes are focused on his feet, on the solid ground
his ties are bondages of air, spun of silent sound

he has let it go
he's in control
he has vowed to himself he will keep that heart of stone

he is leaving them
he's forsaken
he gave in to forces that he knew they would condemn

he's his own
but not alone
Track Name: Still Weather
we arm our voice to these structures, actions speak louder than words
there are no two ways around it, we're aiming straight for the nerves
we will stop at nothing to be heard
any means for justice to be served

no time to be subtle when the future of our freedom's in our fucking hands
we will pay forever if we willingly and passively sit out our chance

the detonators are loaded, and the agreement is reached
we'll disappear from the surface, now that the barrier's breached

bring them home - stop the war
i know we didn't succeed before, but
that's no reason to quit trying

legionnaires with fists in air
we'll prove again that we don't care
about the rules we're defying

like this we go on forever, not knowing when we will fall
our struggle has lost it's meaning, if it ever had one at all

"i won't mourn the loss of my father
he won't mourn the loss of his son
you think you have seen the end but
we haven't even begun!"
Track Name: Mission Solved, Problem Accomplished
home is a place where you keep all doors locked
and you sleep with a gun in your pillowcase
and you put on your bravest face

who dare come knocking on your boarded door?
it's like they didn't bother to read the signs
someone tell them they're out of line

there's a whole world your afraid of
and it's right outside your door
you don't wanna be a part of it anymore
cause taking part means taking chances
not like you have a lot to lose
but it's nice to have the option to never call a truce

mission solved, problem accomplished

for all the news you have seen
all the lies fed to your through the screen
like a monologue reread from the mezanine

and the reverberating voice
acting like blinders of noise
distorting the feed of reality

no point in staying sober
the play is far from over

you prefer the sweet translation of the world
third act, curtain falls, applause, they've saved the girl