Rebuke EP

by Rebuke

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(free) 02:55


released March 10, 2008




Rebuke Sweden

Hailing form Gothenburg, Sweden, Rebuke have been playing together since 2003, building up a strong European following thanks to their unshakeable work ethic; self-releasing their songs and touring non-stop. Singing about a mix of political or personal issues, Rebuke keep their lyrical subject matter smart enough to get you thinking, and catchy enough to sing along to! ... more

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Track Name: Glacier of Doom
this is a promise; we won't let this bus explode
still won't bother to disarm the bomb
we'll keep driving until the steel starts to corrode
and we won't notice until it's gone
Track Name: Swan Song
and the swans started singin before they set off in flight
a cloud of white feathers against a backdrop of fire

it's such a perfect picture, let's hang it on the wall
drawn in explicit detail, depiction of the fall

there's something about it that strikes a familiar chord
the frail composition, the exposed and naked core

but now the colors' fading, the lines become a blur
and with my eyes less focused the motive seems absurd

the features morph - reveals the dirty secret
the metaphor - the canvas tears to pieces
there is a truth - obscured by adaptation
overt and raw - closed to interpretation

make us forget you made us see at all
and we'll repress the inescapeable
yeah we'll embrace the invalidity
won't contemplate its plain transparency

and the swans started singing before they set off in flight
Track Name: No Jury's Diction
Shattered teeth and broken glass
The blood of children stain the grass
"There's nothing quite like kicking ass!"

These violations of the trust
Placed in you to care for us
The result of some compulsive lust

I hope some day it fucking hits you
Like concrete in the face
A hailing rain of cobble stone
From this welcoming parade
And that you slowly realize
As blood is filling up your eyes
You couldn't have been more at fault
When you fed the kids asphalt

You wield that fucking rubber stick
As an extension of your dick
Your macho ideals make me sick

Another time, another place
Another bruised and bleeding face
Another deed you can't erase

I hope some day it fucking hits you
Like a ton of falling bricks
That you're just nailing yourself up
To this fucking crucifix
And once you're hung there on display
You know there's no getting away
Three rusted nails through feet and palms
Then you're showered in napalm

"The court is now in session
To teach you fucking punks a lesson"
You act both judge and jury
Do we really need another Seattle, Gothenburg or Hungary?
Track Name: Outside of Calamity
Everything's now covered with a fine layer of dust
And you search desperately for signs of life
For others left behind to trust

Everybody's gone
Just as you suspected them to be
Victims of the storm
Sheltered you are your own company

You're oh so lonely, who will hold you now?
Who will look out for you from now on?
I guess you shouldn't have shut yourself in
You were indifferent, you were wrong

Everybody's gone
What did you expect them all to be
Victims of the bombs
You'd always pretend you didn't see

You're never outside
You're never outside
You're never outside
of calamity